Susan Olinger

Susan with a New Proud Owner of a Quilt

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I was always going to buy a quilting machine when I retired, but decided to purchase one at the San Diego County Fair before I retired so I could make some quilts to present to staff members as a parting gift. Originally I planned to make just a few quilts, but after using the machine and realizing how much fun and easy it was, I started making quilt after quilt and ended up making 24 quilts to give away to my staff, fellow Director's and other close friends in Cajon Valley Union School District. You can imagine everyone's surprise when I hosted a dinner and let everyone choose a quilt to keep to remember me by. Everyone was thrilled and excited to get such a wonderful, handmade present. All of the quilts were unique and everyone was able to select their favorite pattern and/or color. The HQ Sixteen machine gave me the ability to put together a finished quilt, something I had never been able to do before. I will be forever grateful I saw the demo at the fair and plunged ahead with the purchase.
Now that I have finished the retirement quilt project, I can move on to making baby quilts for grandbabies and doll quilts for a granddaughter. I have loved using my machine and have also used it for projects like placemats, etc, just so that I can keep using it. I would recommend it to anyone and I know that everyone I have made a quilt for can say the same.

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