Nancy DeJongh

With a quilt I made in memory of my mother-she loved flowers and taught me how to sew.

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I am still in a little bit of shock that I actually bought a long arm quilting machine. I do not make snap decisions, but I did this time!
I began sewing at about age 8, making doll clothes. I moved on to making all of my own clothes through high school, college, and early marriage. Then children and my job as a school librarian got in the way and sewing took a back seat. Then about 10 years ago my assistant in the library got me started making quilts. However, I have an athletic son and between attending his sporting events year round, I didn't get to sew as much as I would have liked. I always promised myself that after he graduated I would buy a new sewing machine and really start sewing. Well, he graduated, I started sewing more, but he is now playing college football!
Last fall I attended a quilt show and stopped in at the local Singer store to check into replacing my 30 year old machine. I wasn't thrilled with what he showed me and went online to check prices, etc. Somehow I ended up on Craigslist and wandered into longarm machines. I thought to myself, my machine sews okay, maybe I should look into something entirely different and be able to finish my quilts myself instead of hiring someone else. A lady in NE had a Pfaff machine for sale on a frame. After chatting with her and asking her why she was selling it, she said her wonderful husband was buying her an HQ Sixteen. I soon realized that everyone with her type of machine was upgrading to a longarm. I decided I should skip that step and go straight to a longarm! I took two friends with me on a Fri. night and Sat., visiting two shops and bought an HQ Sixteen that Sat. without much research! I liked the machine, the price was right (my husband game me the money from a pickup he had just sold!) and I ordered it!
I had it come in time for Christmas so that my 93 year old father could see it and try it. He was very happy for me. After a little practice I took off and quilted someone else's quilt first-I was brave!
I am feeling more comfortable all the time. I took a day off from school last spring and went to the longarm quilting conference in Overland Park, KS. I took 12 hours of classes in one day and learned a lot! I am feeling more confident all the time and just love my machine. I have even bought a stylus anc circle groovy board so that I can quilt perfect circles. So I am still sewing the quilt tops on my 30 year old machine and quilting them on my new HQ Sixteen. It is just too bad that football games and my job interfere with my quilting time! I will admit that I was one of the few that enjoyed all of our snow days last winter-I spent them in my basement quilting.

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