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The road to Fusion
He loves me, he loves me not, he LOVES me!
I have always loved quilts. All the work, creativity and passion that goes into making quilts are what families and friends are made of. My husband and I have raised 4 children, and making quilts for them is and has been a true love of mine.
I started in the late 1990’s with a Viking sewing machine and based on family and friends I was soon hooked on piecing quilts. I also learned quickly that it make sense to have a better ability to quilt them. Soon I found myself using a Juki machine to quilt. (with a larger throat!). I hoped for the day I could use a long arm machine, and I spent a lot of time dreaming about the day I could finally own a HQ Sixteen. Owning a long arm HandiQuilter seemed a remote possibility, though I loved to quilt more as time passed. Those early quilts were a lot of fun, and I learned so much! In those days I stayed mostly with wall hangings and table runners, and a major project was a lap quilt for Christmas or even handmade calendars for my kids. Finally in 2003, we made the plunge and bought a HQ Sixteen. I was so excited!. With kids starting to go to college, I even found some space and ended up with a wonderful room for quilting. We placed the HQ Sixteen on a countertop with cabinets underneath. I practiced a lot and went to quilt shows, to some Salt Lake City training sessions, took local classes when I could and started to try new things. Over the next few years, I made quilts for my children’s beds, for baby gifts, and grew in my abilities. While every day I feel that I have so much to learn, I continue to get excited about learning new things. Whether it be my constant practice on feathers, line dancing or many other patterns, I have grown to love quilting and making quilts. I have also started donating quilts to children and other worthwhile charities.. I constantly focus on learning more and getting better, and it is a labor of love for me.
Finally, I want to tell you the most wonderful part of my story! Late last year I began to yearn for a larger long arm machine. My husband is very supportive of my hobby, and we stop at quilt stores as we travel. I told him I wanted to upgrade my machine to an HQ 18 Avante or an HQ24 Fusion. I knew it was probably not likely to happen with an upcoming wedding of our oldest daughter, as well as college for our two youngest daughters. But we looked and I dreamed.
My husband knew how much I wanted to move up, and we talked about it a lot, though it didn’t seem to be feasible for the near future. Without my knowledge, my husband talked to a lot of dealers and bought a machine from Stephanie at Quilters Haven in Rockford, Illinois. But the best part of it was how he did it. He purchased the machine just after an Iowa quilt show from Quilters Haven, all the boxes were shipped to the store, and on an late fall 2009 afternoon, he took off work and we drove to Rockford to “look at machines” , though he said we would have to wait a while and continue to think about a new long arm machine. When we arrived at Quilters Haven, they took my husband and I to a room with a demo HQ24 Fusion machine, and to my complete surprise, there was a bow and it and a sign that read “All my love, Terry”. What a wonderful surprise! Though it has be a long and enjoyable path getting there, the rest of the story is that I am enjoying my Fusion. I love it! It is so smooth and I feel even more confidence in my quilting! Thank you to Stephanie and Quilters Haven for helping my husband for a wonderful surprise, thank you to HandQuilter for the Fusion, and thank you to my husband for his support of my love of quilting. He loves me!

PS: It was important to me to find a good home for my HQ Sixteen and earlier this year I found a new owner for it. I hope she enjoys it as much as I did!

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