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my first hq QUILT

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My HQ journey began eleven years ago at my first AQS show in Paducah, Kentucky. There was a vendor booth with a really nice lady demonstrating this new table top quilt frame her dad had designed. I remember it was actually duct taped in some places to a table top. I thought the frame was a wonderful idea for home quilters because you could use your own sewing machine and move it over the framed quilt. It was a novel idea at the time and I think I remember the lady saying they were working an a sewing machine with a longer arm. Now wouldn’t that be nice a bigger home machine with a longer arm.
As the Handi Quilter company grew and matured so did my quilting skills and the short arm of my home machine was just not cutting it anymore. I sewed and saved until I could buy this new machine with a 16 inch….. can you believe it …… a 16 inch arm. It was so pretty and neat looking and the frame was so easy to put together on a regular banquet table. I was in heaven , my new sewing machine and I moved into a new studio in 2005. I inherited my parents 100 year old house and my husband suggested that I make it a art/ quilt studio where I could have classes and do my commissioned quilts. I make one of a kind memory quilts for clients. I also love to teach children and you should see them sew on the HQ. They have no fear at all , they have a natural rhythm and curiosity.

The next part of my journey began when I started to feel that I wanted a little more quilting surface and yes I needed a real studio frame, the banquet table had done it’s time. I hated to say goodbye to my HQ Sixteen we had such good times and sewed so many special quilts together. It has a new home now and a very happy new owner. I tried the HQ18 Avante at a quilt show and I must say it was love at first try . There was my extra two inches of space and that new stitch regulator is just …WONDERFUL. The new studio frame with the new wheel system is so easy to use and the table is so secure and sturdy.
I needed a little help with my setup at first but a call to the staff at Handi Quilter took care of my concerns immediately. They are always so helpful , pleasant and customer service oriented . I could always talk to a real person and not a machine somewhere.
I love being part of the HQ Community and I am looking forward to the the next part of my HQ journey. My new HQ18 Avante and I will be quilting up a storm. Thank you to that nice lady who came up with the idea of a frame for quilters and then a bigger home machine to ride its rails.

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