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One of my favorite garden-themed quilted wall hangings

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When I retired after working for the State of Oregon for 32 years, I finally had the time to piece quilt tops. I bought a new sewing machine and started building my stash. Soon I had quite a tall stack of tops. I just didn’t like the idea of putting my precious projects into someone else’s hands, so I began looking at long arm machines. I tried out every machine I could and finally decided on the Handi Quilter. I chose the HQ Sixteen for several reasons. It was affordable. The maintenance was extremely easy compared to all the other brands I looked at. I liked the size of the machine and the frame. I am short and my arms did not reach easily to the back portion of the stitching field with the larger machines. When I tried out the HQ Sixteen, it just seemed so easy to maneuver.
I got my machine and decided to quilt for others just long enough to pay for my HQ. My husband remodeled an old garden shed on our property for my new studio and I became Garden Shed Quilting. I had some business cards and flyers made up and literally with very little stitching experience, decided I would just go for it.
I started by hosting an open house and offering 30% off to the first 30 customers. The open house was so fun and well attended I have since hosted several Garden Parties/Quilt Shows in my back yard. Five years and several hundred quilts later, I have a thriving business averaging 20 to 30 customer quilts in line at any given time.
Last year I decided to look around for a newer machine. Again, I tried out all the machines and narrowed my search down to two other brands. And once again, I came back to the Handi Quilter. A very positive experience early this summer with the folks at HQ headquarters was a major factor in my decision to stick with Handi Quilter. I’m looking forward to getting the new HQ18 Avante. It’s still a good size for me and the precision stitching capability is incredible.
I don’t have a lot of time anymore to piece or quilt for myself, but when I do my passion is creating landscape and garden-themed wall hangings. I’m especially excited about incorporating all the new and fun embellishments that are now available.

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