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Me at my HQ Sixteen

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In high school I started sewing and really had a passion for sewing. I even did everyone’s zippers and button holes in the class. Working gave me a little money I could use to buy fabric and create clothing for myself. College came and still I would sew some although I did not have a sewing machine.
When I moved to Florida and got married my first sewing machine was purchased. I made lots and lots of clothing from boys shirts to mens jackets. Never having daughters I found opportunities to make little dresses for the children of friends.
Finally I got granddaughters - five of them in fact. I would make cute little dresses with pinafores and even hats to match. Then came the time the granddaughters no longer wanted to even wear dresses so that phase for making clothing ended.
Ten years ago I retired from teaching. My admiration for the quilters was great and my thoughts were, “I could never do that. It is simply too complicated.” Little did I know that I would get hooked.
The local quilt shop had a ‘block of the month’ club and I decided I just might give it a try. Nothing lost and maybe a lot to be gained. I signed up and made the first block which was not bad. The second month looked even better. The third month I thought, “ I believed I am hooked”. and so I was.
Not only was I doing the block of the month but I starting getting precut blocks and putting them together and also using books to find patterns to use. I learned how to put together those little cut out pieces so they really did look like something - even looked good. Matching colors just seemed to come naturally.
Now, the top is together what happens now? Too much to quilt on my regular sewing machine so the next thing was paying someone and that would soon get expensive. I did have them quilted and paid but I am thinking about what I could do. Paying $20,000 or more for a quilting machine was out of the question. I am only a retired school teacher!
Then while attending a woman’s show in Orlando, FL I saw a display with the HQ Sixteen being demonstrated. I was very curious and they let me try it and I saw how easy it was to operate. After discussing the machine and the price to purchase I left the show enthused but thinking, “The price is reasonable for that but there is no way I can even get that amount!” I was excited about the machine but could not see my way clear for purchasing.
Of course that machine was on my mind as I continued to piece quilt tops and knew the price I needed to pay to have the quilts finished. The HQ Sixteen was really playing over in my head but how to purchase it was racking my brain. I really could benefit from owning the HQ Sixteen!
Finally I took the plunge and called the shop that had demonstrated at the woman’s show. I had to go up and I ordered the machine which would be sent to my house and the representative would come and set it up for me once I had possession of the packages. Boy, was I excited! I was going to own my own HQ Sixteen and quilt my own tops! I had to use money from a home equity loan but I believed it was worth it. While the representative was here he casually said I would be enclosing my back porch soon for the HQ Sixteen. That was not an option for me but it was bearing in my thoughts.
The only place in my home for the HQ Sixteen was in my bedroom and that was crowded. I used the machine for a quilt or two. That was very gratifying to see the quilts take shape. Then the machine quit working and I had to call and the representative came and had to order a new circuit board which was replaced for free. Now the machine was up and running again. New excitement!
I watched the video over and over to make sure I was doing everything correctly. It seemed if you asked too many questions people acted like you were stupid and should know the answers but I did not know and I had a lot of questions not being answered. It was still thrilling to watch the quilts take shape even with my little knowledge.
In the back of my thoughts was the idea of enclosing the back porch and putting all my sewing there. After considering my finances and all I borrowed money to enclose and redo the back porch making a very nice room with which I am well pleased. The HQ Sixteen is the main focus of the room and takes up a great portion but there is still room for all my other machines and sewing.
I also try to help some ladies to quilt and so they also use the machine. No charge - just buy a pack of needles. This is so helpful to them and I am so glad to share what God has given to me. Many times I just piece simple quilts and after completing the quilts I give them away to the homeless or needy.
The HQ Sixteen had been great but there are still so many questions I have about different things. I need to go to the education seminar and just find out what I am doing and find the answers to these questions without being made to feel incompetent. I could also gain new knowledge and solve many problems. So far I have not had the budget to attend the seminar and so I just plod along and do my best. Everything depends on God’s plans for me.
Then there is the HQ Pro Stitcher which is my dream to own but that will not happen unless I win the lottery and that is impossible since I do not play the lottery.
A simple story of my path to owning and using the HQ Sixteen. I tell many people about the HQ Sixteen and how great the machine is because it truly is an answer for those needing a machine that is not so outrageously priced.

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