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I have been quilting for at least 10 years and never enjoyed having to baste or pin and then quilt on my home sewing machine. Eventually I purchased a frame which supported my home machine. This made the process much easier....no basting.... hurray! The downside was the limitations on the quilting patterns. I would go to the local quilt stores and the sewing shows and dream, not to mention drool, over the long arm machines. I loved the HQ machines the first time I saw them, and kept on dreaming that some day..........
The summer of 2010 will always be remembered in our home as the summer of the HQ24 Fusion. My wonderful husband Dan and good friend and fellow long-arm quilter Jane both gave me the confidence to go ahead and purchase the HQ24 Fusion and the HQ Pro-Stitcher. Wow, it's hard to believe it's in my living room. Oh yeah, the living room is now my bright and beautiful quilting room.
I was encouraged to shop around before making this purchase and right from the start the HQ24 Fusion and HQ Pro-Stitcher captured my heart. The day I placed the order was a red letter day, complete with butterflies in my stomach. My local quilt store arranged to install the machine for me and then I was into long-arm quilting. What a treat! I've been stitching away and have done 8 quilts for a local quilting group which makes quilts for children with life threatening diseases. So much for housework! I love using this machine and my mistakes are just part of the learning process. Just to be able to do more than a 3 inch pantograph is an experience in itself. In a few weeks I will be taking a class with Jane and I'll be picking her brain for all those tips and techniques in using a long-arm quilter. Then comes the big test as my daughter is getting married this fall and I will be quilting their wedding gift which is a king size quilt. The HQ24 Fusion and HQ Pro-Stitcher will help me to do a beautiful job.
Thank you HQ for these products.

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