Debi Pickens

Working on my 3rd quilt.

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My HQ Sixteen Sit-down is amazing. I have quilted for more than 20 years on a domestic machine and limited myself to small quilts because of shoulder pain. I recently retired from teaching and wanted to be able to quilt larger quilts without pain. I began shopping for a mid to long arm machine a year before finding the HQ Sixteen. I knew what I didn't want but had trouble finding what I did want. I discovered someone in my small art quilt group had purchased an HQ Sixteen Sit-down model and loved it. I went to her home and tried her machine and knew in 15 minutes that this was the machine for me.
The reasons this machine fit my needs are simply no pain, price, ease of use, speed, size and American manufacture.
The first quilt completed on the HQ Sixteen Sit-down was amazing. I had spent 2 days quilting the 1st half then my new machine came and I finished it in 2 hours. And loved it! No more shoulder pain!!

I own the following HQ machines:

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