Sandy M. Smith

Sandy M Smith

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My HQ Sixteen Sit-Down is my dream quilting machine! I was sold on the machine the minute I sat down for a test drive at the 2008 Paducah show. I had been looking for a machine with a large throat area to quilt my bigger quilts. (I know that I SHOULD be able to wrestle my quilt through my Bernina machine, but I just couldn’t seem to get the knack of it.) So I looked and “studied” for over a year at different brands and styles. I read every article I could find and pulled up countless websites to learn everything I could on what was available and how they might meet my needs. I soon realized that since I didn’t have the space for a longarm and frame, I would need a sit-down model. Therefore I arrived at Paducah on a mission. Soon I was at the HQ booth and sat down for what would be my ultimate test drive! I had been practicing free motion quilting on my Bernina at home and to my surprise was able to make a decent feather on the HQ Sixteen right then! The show price was remarkable compared to some of the other sit-down brands I had looked at. I called my husband for his opinion and he agreed this was the machine I could not pass up. The machine arrived and I had it set up and was sewing within minutes. At first I used the speed feature to sew at a slower rate, gradually increasing the speed as my techniques improved. Now I am able to dial it up faster – so it’s a machine that can grow with anyone’s abilities. I love my HQ Sixteen Sit-Down and have recommended it to everyone. And I love that the machine is made in the USA!

I own the following HQ machine: HQ Sixteen Sit-down

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