Diana Mattson

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I started sewing when I was in High School, making Garments and when my kids were born I sewed their clothes. I didn’t start Quilting until my kids left home. I thought that Quilting was for Old Ladies, but soon found out that was a Myth.
I Love piecing Quilts and have always quilted my quilts on my Domestic Machine. I was always interested in a Long Arm Machine, but I felt the cost was too much. A friend told me about the HQ Sixteen and I felt it was within my budget. I purchased a HQ Sixteen in 2006 and the HQ Pro-Stitcher in 2008. I was really happy with them but after attending a Seminar at Central Sewing, Edmonton, AB, where the HQ24 Fusion was on display the extra sewing area impressed me and I knew that was what I wanted. Well the same friend that originally told me about the HQ Sixteen was at the Seminar and told me she was interested in buying my HQ Sixteen and HQ Pro-stitcher. When I came home I told my husband I was interested in upgrading to the HQ24 Fusion, his remark was that a few years ago we could have purchased a car for that price, but then he said I deserved the upgrade, what a Guy. I didn’t wait for him to say no. So the deal was made with my friend and she purchased my machine so long as I gave her some lessons, which I did, and she is very happy with the HQ Sixteen.
I live 300 miles from a Dealer, so with the help of my Husband and Son we have set up the HQ24 Fusion. HQ Studio Frame and HQ Micro Handles and I have just completed the set up of the HQ Pro-Stitcher. I have not used the HQ Pro-Stitcher as we are in the middle of Harvest and my life goes on stand still at this time.
Thank you to the Support Staff at Handi Quilter as they are so helpful with any problems I have encountered.
I absolutely love the HQ24 Fusion & HQ Micro Handles; I enjoy Free Motion, Stippling, Rulers and MacTavishing by Karen MacTavish and really like her Technique.
I love making Baby Quilts and it is a pleasure giving them to The Little Bundles of Joy.
I have attended the Beginners and Intermediate Classes at Handi Quilter and in April 2010 attended the HQ Pro-Stitcher Class, it was a Wonderful Experience.
Handi Quilter, Thank you.

I own the following HQ machines:

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