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An alone moment with my HQ

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Motorcycles, Hot Tubs and an HQ18 Avante We were good parents, the best we could be, not perfect but good. Once the last one had moved out and in was settled nicely into their last year of post secondary education I fulfilled a life long dream and bought a small motorcycle. It took me back to my university days when I first got my motorcycle license. After owning the bike for a couple of days I took my husband for a ride and found out that was his first time ever on a motorcycle. He grew to love the bike too, took a motorcycle riding safety course, got his license and now I have to book an appointment to ride the bike.
A couple of years later we downsized our property and put in a hot tub. This was an indulgence, my husband didn’t think he would really get near ‘the thing’ but willing did all the work to get it installed in our backyard for me. Besides riding the motorcycle, he rides a bicycle long distances--he now enjoys nothing more than coming back from a long ride and getting in the hot tub. He uses the hot tub way more often than I do.?
Last year, after years of research and test driving I bought an HQ18 Avante machine and with the encouragement of my husband the Pro Stitcher to go along with it. The machine came and was all set up. Practice fabric and batting were placed upon it and I played around a bit but it was the Christmas season now so being a mother, an employee and the wife of a preacher I was pretty busy. Two days before Christmas my husband was diagnosed with cancer. We kept it a secret over the holidays and went through them in a bit of shock.
January came and we told our family, friends and church the news. There were countless Doctor appointments and tests followed by weeks and months of treatments with more Doctors and more tests. With my full time job and all the added caregiving responsibilities I barely had time to breath leave alone create masterpieces with my Avante. But I didn’t despair, his prognosis was good and when he was better I would have all the time I needed to dance the dance of the long armer.
My husband started playing with the machine during his recovery. It was great therapy and I loved to see him doing something that made him smile and feel good. I wasn’t worried though--quilting would never become a thing for this husband of mine. Between his job and his sports and his motorcycle riding he didn’t have any spare time left.
Now, all these months later I can’t get near ‘my’ machine. He always has a quilt on the go. When I ran out of quilt tops for him to work on I thought that would be it. Not true, he just charms other women into letting him quilt their tops.
I have noticed a theme here, if I have it and it has a motor it slowly get’s taken over by my husband. I am now looking at the spare room I believe there is room for an HQ Sixteen sit down model, surely he won’t be interested in that too?

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