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Gloria Stickney & Dreamin' Deacon Quilt

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My name is Gloria Stickney and I own a HQ Sixteen with HQ Pro-Stitcher. I have a small part-time business that began when I designed, copyrighted, licensed and trademarked the Wake Forest University Dreamin’ Deacon© Quilt in 1996. This was before I owned a longarm machine!
I traveled on a regular basis to my aunt’s home in East Tennessee to quilt orders for the Dreamin’ Deacon quilt on her longarm machine. After traveling the distance for a few trips, I knew I needed a computerized longarm in my home but I did not know how I could afford it. I needed a computerized quilter to stitch the precision of the licensed trademarks within the quilt. I searched for several months before I had the opportunity to purchase a HQ Sixteen with HQ Pro-Stitcher.
In September 2008, I received a call from a local dealer that had decided to sell his floor model of the HQ Prostitcher. The sales lady asked if I was interested??? Oh, YES! I jumped at the opportunity!! I was SOOO excited! In one weekend, Dreamin’ Deacon© was featured in the local newspaper, Parents Weekend on WFU campus, I was starting a new job on campus, AND I HAD A NEW QUILTER!!! How exciting can one weekend be???
The HQ Pro-Stitcher provided the quality and precision that I needed to produce the quilts within my home and was the price afford. I was thrilled!! Now I had the opportunity to fulfill my orders within my home as well as begin to grow my part-time business!
Since the purchase of the HQ Pro-Stitcher, I have expanded my home based company to include quilting services for the area guilds and the community. I have been able to establish a line of items desgined especially for the Wake Forest University fan. I also specialize in T-Shirt quilts made popular by WFU students and sororities. Our slogan is “Made in our home for the Wake Forest fan in your home.”
I now have the opportunity to exhibit and sale our quilts online at and at various Wake Forest University events. I have enjoyed quilting my own quilts which have won ribbons in area Quilt Shows and Fairs. My favorite quilt is Nana’s Musical Dreams Wholecloth Quilt which showcases the exceptional music quilting designs of One Song Needle Arts. The wholecloth concept for computerized quilting makes stunning and precise quilts. I’m a perfectionist at heart and I love to see the workmanship of the quilt enhanced with the computerized designs for the HQ Pro-Stitcher. I enjoy quilting WFU quilts, raffle quilts, charity quilts, personalized T-Shirt Quilts, customer quilts, show quilts, and of course, quilts for my family! All because I now own a HQ Pro-Stitcher!
My family is involved in my quilting endeavors. The computer guru’s have learned to navigate the software to draw the computerized designs to enhance the piecework and fabric patterns of the quilts! WOW! Look what we can do now! The sky is the limit and the computerized quilting designs available are MARVELOUS! Our quilting endeavors have become a family affair!
I am especially appreciative to Donna Sonntag of Whatever’s Quilted in Wake Forest, NC for her expertise in the Handi Quilter system. Donna services my machine and answers my questions whenever I need help. She is a good representative for Handi Quilter. I love my HQ Pro-Stitcher and I am very thankful for the opportunities it has provided to open doors to serve my clients and my community. I love quilting for the Wake Forest University and the Winston-Salem, NC communities! GO DEACS! I love my HQ Pro-Stitcher!

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