Rita Pawlowicz-Schmid

Art and Rita on our wedding day

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I've wanted a longarm for a long time, and at the quilt show in Rosemont, IL this spring, I got to try out every brand of longarm out there. I was hooked on Handi Quilter, but reluctant to spend the money. (I fret about that sort of thing.)
My new hubby, Art,(we got married last year on the 4th of July) came along with me to the quilt show (talk about being out of his element! He fishes!) He tried all the machines too, and convinced me to let the moths out of my checkbook and get one. He even offered to pay for half! (What a sweetie!) He told me I deserve it. Wow. What a guy! I bit the bullet and got an HQ18 Avante from the wonderful folks at Quilters Haven in Rockford, IL.
I love quilting, but always hated putting the layers together to quilt. There was no easy way for me...not enough floor space, table space, and I never felt like my quilts were layered correctly. The HQ18 Avante made my dream come true...less struggling and FUN, FUN, FUN!
I've only had my machine a few months, and have already finished a twin size quilt for charity, a baby quilt for charity, and a quilt for my new great-nephew. I had my first quilt done in 4 hours!!
My next quilt is for my middle-daughter (who's been patiently waiting for her quilt for 3 years now.) I have several more charity quilts in the works, and will make one for the hospice facility where my brother-in-law recently stayed.
I wish I could sew faster so I can make more quilts on my HQ18 Avante.
The Crazy Quilter from Illinois
Rita Pawlowicz-Schmid

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