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When the economic recession took its toll on my husband’s business it became necessary for me to return to the workforce. Having not worked outside my home since 1982 I was reluctant to go through resumes and interviews. Realizing that I had been an active quilter for many years I considered working from home. Several of my quilting friends owned longarm machines and I had used them over the years. My favorite, hands down, was the HQ Sixteen! It is light to the touch and extremely easy to maneuver. I found myself going to one friends home more often than the other simply to use her HQ Sixteen. With the added need to supplement our family income, I decided that instead of buying a car, a new wardrobe and everything else involved in working outside of my home that I would purchase an HQ Sixteen and work from the place I loved the most, my home.
I launched my longarm business in 2008 after purchasing my machine during International Quilt Festival. My HQ Sixteen is set up in a small spare bedroom on the studio frame at the 8 foot length. My goal was to offer high quality pantographs at a reasonably affordable price and my business is booming!
Using my HQ Sixteen has stretched me beyond what I thought imaginable in my own quilting. I have learned so much about how to enhance a quilt’s original design and beauty. I still have so much to learn and am looking forward to what the future holds. I enjoy meeting new people and providing a personal touch to all my customers. My HQ is the backbone of my business and has been extremely reliable and easy to maintain. I have never looked back and enjoy the opportunity I have to help make customers quilts become cherished memories.
My decision to buy my HQ Sixteen really hit home the day I handed the mother of an American soldier who was killed in Iraq a quilt I had made and quilted for her out of her son’s clothes. It made me realize how much hope and love can be given from something so small and how blessed I am to have the ability to help others.
I am so thankful for my HQ Sixteen as it helps provide income for my family in these stressful times, is a financial bargain that is both easy to use and technically accurate and allows me to touch other people’s lives in ways I dared not dream. Thank you Handi Quilter !

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