Lynn Veith

Me (on left) with my family. They're smiling because I'm not singing!

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Well, it's the last day of the contest and I've read the stories of all the other contestants. Why should Handi Quilter pick me? I don't have a gimmick. Like many others, I started sewing garments while in High School. I continued to sew curtains and home dec things and made clothing for my children. I stopped sewing all together when my last son was born prematurely. There was no time. Still sounds like many other stories. When my oldest child, my daughter, then 17, suggested that I start quilting, my immediate response was NO WAY! I hate hand sewing. I did not come from a long line of sewers. No one in my family sewed except for me so I was the one who did all the mending, darning socks (yes we did that in the 50's and 60's) and I hated it. She continued to nag me, after all, she had made quilts for her two nieces. Reluctantly, I gave in to the nagging and I discovered my passion. Darn, she was right! However, sometimes I think my family is sorry they created a quilt monster! What's dinner.....housework?????... it's just moving dust around. I did that hand quilting thing for a few years, but that wasn't cutting it. I am an impatient soul and need to see results, finish a project. I bought short arm machine, with stitch regulation on an impulse at a quilt show. I could not justify a larger machine at that time. What if I lost interest and it succumbed to the same fate as the exercise equipment? A monster was born. I could not make quilts fast enough. I was soon looking for more options, more quilting space. I had never sent a quilt to anyone for finishing. I needed the control of completing it myself...a no matter the final result. I lurked on websites, talked to vendors and talked myself out of everything.
My LQS (a Handi Quilter vendor) had an HQ Sixteen they named Hannah as a shop demo. I tried it a few times. The machine was great, I was not. My straight lines were squiggles and my stippling crossed over itself. Luckily I was not reported to the quilt police. The LQS staff and longarm instructor did not push me into buying the machine. They knew I was drooling, but not ready to commit. When they announced that they were going to sell the demo machine, with the HQ Pro-Stitcher, I think I was the first to inquire. I only could afford the studio frame and HQ Sixteen, not the HQ Pro-Stitcher. I received a call on January 2, 2009 that they had sold the HQ Pro-Stitcher on its own....was I interested? YES! Don't you need to think about it? I already have. Within an hour, despite a snow storm, I was at the shop with my husband and son in tow and my credit card. Remember, I am impatient. Instead of disassembling the studio frame, they gave me the new one they had in the box for their new machine one at no extra charge.
The monster was energized! My family's only additional request was that I close the door when I am using Hannah. You see, I may have been given a gift for crafting, but singing to the music on my i-pod is enough to drive anyone to drink. It is a small concession I am willing to make. My husband is teaching himself to play the guitar. Maybe someday we can be as good as Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson! I need to go to the classes at HQ headquarters to fulfill my end of the dream. I want to get better. You can all then say, I knew her when.........Thank you HQ!

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