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My story begins about 5 years ago. While participating in a quilting class at a local quilt shop, the instructor gave me the name and number of her friend in Ohio that had just purchased a quilting machine and was looking for people who needed their quilts quilted. I was skeptical, of course, sending my treasured quilts to a stranger, but it turned out to be the influence I needed to begin my own quilting journey. I started out slowly, sending one quilt every couple of months; always a queen or king size. I gradually increased to 1 to 2 a month. I really wanted to be able to piece a quilt and then quilt it myself. I was envious. I called my Ohio quilter and asked her about the quilting process. “Would I love quilting as much as I loved piecing,” I asked. She said, “I definitely would and more.” A friend of mine helped me research quite a few other machines, but I always came back to HQ. I think I secretly always wanted the HQ. I called another friend in Miami and told her what I wanted to do. I told her that when I retire, this might be a good way to a little extra money and enjoy what I was doing more than anything else. Think of it, quilting everyday as a job. Hmmmmmm, was there a better job in the world? I think not. A few months later, and lots of research, I own my very own HQ18 Avante and HQ Pro-Stitcher. The purchase of the HQ happened to fall on my 60th birthday, which made it even more meaningful for me. It was a gift to myself; and what a gift it was.
I live in a 3 bedroom villa and I use one of the rooms as my quilting room. I never planned for the machine to take up the space it did, but I knew it was big. I just figured it would go in my quilting room. NOT! If I set up the machine in the quilting room, I would not be able to walk into the room. (not a very big room) I wanted to leave the HQ setup all the time so that I could use it whenever I wanted and did not have to worry about setting it up properly each time. When I watched the setup, and now know I made the right choice. I also wanted it setup to the largest size to fit a king size quilt since I made many of them. I realized I had to make a decision. It was an easy one actually. I got rid of my dresser in my bedroom and bought a queen size bed to replace the king I had.
Most people would say that is true love. I can now actually say that I “sleep with my HQ.” Well at least in the same room. The HQ has changed my whole view of quilting and I have been quilting for years. Instead of looking at the colors, patterns, or fabrics; I now go straight to the quilting!
Thank you Handi Quilter for the HQ18 Avante and allowing me to achieve my full quilting potential.
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