Diane Miller-Osborne

Diane with her machine "Dorothy"

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Hi! I'm Diane, the principal D of 3-D Quilting.
According to my mother, Dorothy, I started sewing on the machine at age 5 in an effort to keep up with her and my sister Donna. At that time we all did “fashion sewing”, making clothes for one another and ourselves. Donna and I were active in 4-H and Grange so we entered those contests and the local fairs. We managed to come away with a goodly share of blue ribbons.
One of my fondest memories of sewing is the three of us sewing in conjunction to finish up our Christmas dresses just before the party on Christmas Eve. One of my mother’s least favorite memories is finishing Donna’s wedding gown on the day of her wedding. We or at least I have gotten away from the last minute sewing though in a pinch “pressure” sewing can be done.
Although my grandmothers and great aunts did make quilts, my mother, my sister, and I didn’t really fall into the passion of it until about 20 years ago. Each of us had made an occasional quilt but cardboard templates and cutting out pieces with scissors just didn’t have a lot of appeal. The invention of rotary cutters, mats, and rulers changed all of that.
As the next generation of our family started to marry, we- Dorothy, Donna, and Diane, decided that we would make each of them a wedding quilt. So the three of us collaborated on eight different marriage or coming of age quilts at our own summer quilt camp. We dubbed ourselves the “Three D Quilters”
For years I staunchly claimed that I didn’t like the actual quilting of the quilt tops. Anything larger than twin size I sent to a professional quilter as I found the large ones too cumbersome to quilt on a domestic machine. However I began to enjoy the challenge of the actual quilting. Thus, when I retired after 35 years as a Spanish teacher, I decided to embrace that challenge full on and bought an HQ24 Fusion longarm machine.
I have named my business “3-D Quilting” in honor of the inspiration and support that I have always received from my mother Dorothy and my sister Donna although I, Diane, am the only longarm quilter. Even though Mom and Donna don't do the quilting, they are with me. My machine is named Dorothy to remind me to that "good workmanship is critical" and Donna is the sounding board for my ideas and my biggest cheerleader. I wouldn't be doing this without them.

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