Nyla Fifield

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My HQ story begins in the fall of 2009. I had been unemployed for approximately 7 months and periodically visited a good friend, Cherie, who owns the Flying Goose Quilt Shop in New London, MN and is an HQ dealer. Cherie told me she would be watching a video the next Monday night on the new HQ18 Avante and she really thought I should think about machine quilting for a career. I spent the week researching on the web how to start a small business and loan info. I visited Cherie at her shop the next Tuesday morning and she was so excited about the HQ Avante and HQ Pr-Stitcher. I told her I had been researching but I did not have space in my home for a business. Cherie said just that morning she saw a sign in a window down the block than an insurance company had two areas for rent. I checked out the rental spaces and one was just perfect - lots of natural light and florescent lighting and lots of space. The following day I met with my CPA and was encouraged to seek out a loan. I contacted a local foundation with an Encore Entrepreneurship Program; met with them on Friday; did a business plan and 2 year budget over the weekend; finalized the plan with the agent and it was submitted to the loan committee and on the following Monday I had a loan! I ordered the HQ Avante with the HQ Pro-Stitcher; started practicing in mid-January and opened my long arm machine quilting business in mid-March 2010. Business is great; I love demonstrating the machine to my customers and visitors to my shop; and most of all I "go to have fun" each day instead of "having to go to work"!

I own the following HQ machines:

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