John Kubiniec

John at Empire Quilters Guild Meeting, Quilter of the Month, May 2010

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Soon after I began quilting, about ten years ago, I saw advertisements in the various magazines for longarm quilting machines. I thought – gee, it would be fun to have one of these to finish quilts. So, I sent off for some information and received some pamphlets and a VHS tape (remember this was ten years ago!), I liked what I saw but nearly choked when I saw the price. I thought, oh well, some day I might be able to afford one of these. So, I filed away the literature and put the tapes in the closet for safekeeping.
Fast forward eight years, I started to think that this might be the time to get a longarm. I was at a local quilt show and tried a Handi Quilter and liked it. They mentioned that they held classes – so a few months later I took a class at the Quilt Basket in Wappingers Falls, NY. I loved the class and took a few more. The next thing you knew I was renting time on a Handi Quilter and working on some quilts. It so happened that at the same time I was thinking about making a transition in how I made my living and started to investigate the possibility of starting a longarm quilting business. I started to investigate the various machines that were on the market comparing costs and features. I tried out various machines but I kept coming back to the Handi Quilter.
It so happened that at this time the Quilt Basket was looking to sell one of their demo machines (with the HQ Pro Stitcher) and I was able to gather the funds to purchase the machine. I had to turn my small New York City apartment inside out – but I made it fit –and I am glad I did. It is a pleasure to work on the HQ Sixteen and it has allowed me to get my business, Big Rig Quilting, up and running.
Shortly after getting my HQ Sixteen I was at a major quilt show and was able to try a few of the other machines– I test drove them side-by-side with the Handi Quilter and the Handi Quilter won out over them - hands down - in terms of how the machine handled, the quality of its stitching, and the price! Also, the training and service that Handi Quilter provides is top notch! I spent a wonderful three days at Handi Quilter Retreat learning how to use the HQ Pro-Stitcher. I can’t wait to go back for another HQ Retreat. And, any time I have a question about my HQ, they are an easy email or phone call away!
My Handi Quilter has changed my life – and all for the better!

I own the following HQ machines:

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