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I purchased my HQ Sixteen with HQ Pro-Stitcher almost two years, 135 quilts, and 11 million stitches ago. I have been quilting for a long time now, first by hand, then shifting to machine quilting a few years ago. It wasn’t long before I came to appreciate the beauty and creativity, not to mention the productivity and satisfaction, that longarm quilting offers. Joining the lucky circle of those who use Handi Quilter machines is a decision I have never, and I know I will never, regret. I have always enjoyed quilting, but I’ve never gotten as much pleasure from the craft as I do with my HQ Sixteen.
The real story of my Handi Quilter, however, isn’t just about being able to quilt a lot of quilts beautifully, easily, and quickly. It’s really about the relationships I’ve made with the men and women whom I have met and gotten to know because of my HQ Sixteen. It’s the story of my quilting buddies Lynne and Lori; of Ann who designs special creations for her granddaughters; of soldiers receiving warm “quilters’ hugs” from grateful citizens; of new quilters seeking advice and encouragement as part of our local Handi Quilter club; and of Ken, a committed dealer who loaned me another HQ Sixteen while mine was being serviced. And perhaps most special, it’s the story of Mary, an 80+ year-old quilter who wanted finished quilts to give to her family. “With your help,” she told me, “I am the proud owner of quilts rather than boxes of unfinished squares.”
I, too, want to say, “Thank you.” Thank you to all the special people who have shared their quilts or quilting experiences with me; thank you to the network of friendly and helpful Handi Quilter dealers who help support me; and thank you to Handi Quilter, for making it all possible.

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