Carole Henell

Carole Henell and her quilt "I Wish You Well"

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My HQ18 Avanté story is filled with positive experiences and a bright future!
After a year of knowing my current set-up was not meeting my quilting needs, my sweet husband started helping me research other options for long-arm quilting. We investigated and test drove every brand. Even dragged my friend along who is a long-arm quilter and she thought the Handi Quilter was not only the smoothest ride, but was far better than the long-arm she uses in her business. The HQ18 Avanté was our favorite model for its affordability, impressive quilting area and incredibly stable table.
The American Quilt Society had their new quilt show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 2010 and we knew the time was right to bring the Avanté home. Much to my delight, the Handi Quilter booth greeted us when we first went into the vendor area! The loveliest people talked to us, showed us the HQ18 Avanté’s special features and then offered us the chance to purchase one of the demonstration models. No need to ask us twice! My name went on the HQ18 Avanté announcing it was going home with me! Trembling with excitement, we explored the rest of the show, but all I can remember is the joy owning an amazing quilting machine.
After the show, the time came for us to pick up the quilting machine, while the table was due to be delivered directly to our house. Much to my surprise, Mark Hyland himself loaded the quilting machine into our minivan! (I had purchased his book for my husband—proof he wasn’t alone in dealing with a quilter for a wife!)
The table arrived when promised and assembled by my husband according to the well-written directions. The quilting machine was placed on the tracks along with some muslin and batting for practice. Instant success! Perfect tension, even stitches and complete ease of advancing the quilt. I could get a quilt done in hours instead of days!
My HQ18 Avanté was affectionately named “Harvey,” after the giant white rabbit of the Jimmy Stewart movie by the same name. Know Harvey and I will enjoy a long and wonderful friendship!

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