Barbara Bishop

My first try at crosshatching

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I have been sewing since I was ten years old. I thought my mother had taught me all I needed to know about sewing. In 1970 I started to take tailoring classes-that was when I learned that I didn’t know anything. Since then I have been in a learning mode. About the time by oldest granddaughter was born I start "really" quilting, not just tying baby quilts. It has been a great adventure from machine embroidery, machine piecing (including paper piecing), stippling on my sewing machine, quilting on a Viking's Mega Quilter and finally to my beloved HQ Sixteen.
I'm continually trying to learn more about quilting from magazines, videos, books, public television, classes, and any other sources. I've taken three classes on the HQ Sixteen. At the last class the instructor,Linda, asked me why I come again. My response was that you can always learn something new and I was right.

I started quilting for customers on the Mega Quilter so the HQ Sixteen has greatly enhanced my ability to do customer quilts.

I had not planned to get my HQ for a few more years. However, I was in Whitlock's Sewing Center here in Salem, OR shortly after Viking announced the new Diamond sewing machine. Actually I went in to make a down payment to secure one of the first Diamonds delivered to Whitlock's.

While I was in the store I started to talk to Todd (one of the owners) about how excited I was about getting the new Diamond. Somehow the conversation got around to the HQ Sixteen store model they were replacing and the next thing I know my Diamond deposit turned into a HQ deposit.

I have not regretted for one moment making the choice for the HQ Sixteen over the Viking Diamond.

A few months ago I started looking at the new studio frame. It was a big decision because it would not fit in my eleven-foot long sewing room. So I took my husband shopping at Whitlock's to discuss options on the frame. The next thing I know not only is the new frame going into the garage but with a new HQ Pro-Stitcher. My dear husband has given up his garage, no more sawing or sanding. My new HQ Sixteen studio has carpet, heat for winter and AC for summer.

I would love to win a trip to HQ Headquarters. You have no idea how great it is to have someone with whom I can share my enthusiasm for the HQ Sixteen.

I am now thinking about upgrading to the HQ24 Fusion.... the extra inches would be great

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