Carolyn Behrens

Grandma often quilts for Mira.

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I have always been a sewer. I love (and need) the feel of fabric in my hands. When my children were home and when I needed a professional wardrobe, I got my fabric fix by making clothes. What to do when that need no longer existed? Quilt, of course. The pattern and fabric selection was fun; the cutting and piecing was exciting. Sewing the layers together, though, was painful. I could not master machine quilting and felt like a failure. Because I wanted to “do it myself” rather than hiring a quilter, I bought another brand table with a Janome machine. I am lucky to have the best dealer in the world and bought that brand because she sold it and I trust her. Unfortunately, I was always intimidated by my set-up and I shook more than the table did each time I tried to do a quilt. Fortunately, I was able to sell that table and machine and bought my HQ Sixteen with the HQ Quiltable. This purchase was made without a lot of research because, again, I have the best dealer in the world and I knew Kari would help me with the product and the process. It was love at first use and I continue to be happy with my purchase, 4 years later. The first year I had my machine, I did about twenty quilts—more than I had done in the previous 15 years! I am certainly not an expert, I will never take the responsibility to quilt for others, but I am pretty happy with my projects and know that I learn a little bit more with each quilt I load. Buying my Handi Quilter was a great investment for me. Love it!

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