Glenda Herrmann

30th anniversary quilt

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My mother was a quilter and piqued my interest in sewing and quilting. She taught me some quilting but I began by making many of my children's clothes. Then about 25 years ago I graduated to quilting and only made a few. I quickly developed a passion for quilting. This passion, however, was put on hold for a few years while my children were in their teen years. Then, after the children married, I started quilting again. As most beginning quilters, I tied my quilts and many of them began to come apart over time. I always wanted a longarm machine. I bought a wooden tabletop frame but this proved more frustrating than rewarding. My mom and I would quilt and I still have a quilt she paid to have done, we both really wanted one and that was probably way back to the 80's! I don't have much room in my bedroom to get around to do pantographs, which is what I love to do, but when I think how much my mom would have loved one, I feel very lucky. My husband would accompany me to quilt and trade shows and I would always "introduce" him to the mechanical marvels and technological efficiency of a long-arm machine. Then, for my 50th birthday, he surprised me with an HQ Sixteen! I made quilts for all members of my family and many of my friends. My quilts have been given to family and friends all over. How they love the fruits of my labor. As you can see in the second picture my grandson, Kaleb is a great helper. I hope to introduce my granddaughter Kylie to quilting soon. My grandson, Wesley has his first quilt of many and he is almost a year old. In fact, I made a quilt for my husband for our 30th wedding anniversary. The quilt was made from material I collected from all of the places we traveled together. The anniversary quilt is one his most prized possessions even though he got a speeding ticket on the way to a quilt store in Utah to buy fabric for his quilt that he knew nothing about. How wonderful it is to be able to make an entire quilt from start to finish and "drive" the HQ Sixteen at the end.

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