Cheryl Tappmeyer

Blooming Nine Patch

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My quilting journey began with a wedding. In 2005, my daughter wanted monogrammed bags for the bridesmaids in her upcoming wedding. I had learned to sew in junior high home ec classes, so making the bags wasn't a problem, but the embroidery? Clearly, I needed to purchase a new sewing/embroidery machine. While looking for fabric for the bags, I stopped by the local quilt shop. They didn't have the right fabric for the bag, but they had the most gorgeous quilts I had ever seen: unlike those I remembered from childhood, these were vibrant and beautiful! I quickly signed up for classes, and began piecing my first quilt. After quilting a wallhanging on my sewing machine, I soon realized that I wanted something larger to complete bed-sized quilts, and began to research quilting machines. A year after I bought my sewing machine, I purchased the HQ Sixteen, and began quilting. In the last four years, I have upgraded to the HQ Pro-Stitcher, HQ Studio Frame, and now, the HQ18 Avante. My daughter, the bride, has learned to sew and now makes baby quilts for all her friends, bringing them to me for quilting. I just wish I'd started quilting 30 years ago: there isn't time for all the quilts I want to make, but my HQ makes it so much fun!

I own the following HQ machines:

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