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Enjoying freehand quilting.

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In 2004 I thought that I was through quilting. I had been quilting over 25 years and my hands just wouldn’t do the hand piecing and quilting anymore. Sewing machine work was satisfactory, but I resorted to small projects to quilt, because the 3” x 5” hole between the needle and the back of my sewing machine was just impossible for me to push a large quilt through. I had looked at large quilt machines, but they were too big and way too expensive for my budget.
My husband and I went to a local guild quilt show and we turned a corner in the vendor aisle and there was the cutest quilting machine ever. The HQ Sixteen. simple, easy to use, not too heavy, adjustable to quilt size, (from 4’ to 12’ poles) and affordable.
We went to both days of the show and for several hours each day, just to quilt on that amazing quilting machine before we bought it and I was excited. I have had a lot of happy hours stitching on my HQ Sixteen. I have made 88 quilts for wounded soldiers, and many more.
Last week at the Handi Quilter Trunk Show we bought the HQ18 Avante. It is a hard thing to give up my lovely, trusty “16” machine, but I will be so happy to get my new HQ18 Avante up and going, for many more hours of fun and happiness. I expect many more years of pleasure on it. I am 70 years old.
Thanks Handi Quilter for all your patience and loving help getting me started on my “16”. The many phone calls and laughing fun we had at the Houston show. My hope is to get to attend the retreat sometime.
Gregg, your tech, said that Handi Quilter headquarters is a happy place. I know that because I have always had happy people to talk to and always an answer for my snafus.
That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

I own the following HQ machines:

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