Patty Gertz

Sandy, Patty, and Stephanie

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There are common threads that hold families together, and for my two sisters and me, they are literal threads – quilting threads. Our mother quilted, and we have passed it along to our children. Since we are all lifetime quilters, we were intrigued by the idea of graduating to professional quilting machines and the new challenges and abilities they bring. For the better part of a decade Sandy has been encouraging us to take a look at HandiQuilter. Well, it took a while but this past year we were all convinced. Patty bought a HQ24 Fusion at last year’s Lancaster AQS show. That whetted the appetites of Stephanie and Sandy, and they became even more inspired as they saw what it could do. Stephanie bought the HQ Sixteen sit-down machine in the fall, and Sandy just completed the set at the 2011 Lancaster show with the purchase of an HQ18 Avante.
We three are so excited to be able to share our quilting passion and take our skills to an even higher level. We consider the HQ family, especially Gina, Debby, Allan and Mary Beth, part of our extended family. And it is certainly true that the family that sews together stays together (including new family member HQ!)
Patty Gertz, Stephanie Prentiss, Sandy Stein

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