Pamela Boesch


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It started many years ago for me. My husband and I went to an Amish quilt show and I fell in love at that moment. I could not afford to purchase one of those beautiful handmade quilts for myself but the dream of having one has always been there. In 2006 I finally thought I can do this myself. So I bought a kit and made my first quilt. Since then I have made at least 25. The sizes have varied from Queen to Lap and baby. I have tried top quilting on my home sewing machine but found that I could not move them around because of issues with shoulders. I have had surgery on both shoulders for torn rotator cuffs. I have also tried hand quilting but that was not for me. So I ended up sending out my quilts. After receiving a quilt back that I worked on for over a year and found that it had been damaged made my decision to purchase a mid-arm. I have priced quilting frames, long arm machines for the last 3 years. I kept going back to the Hand quilter. I just love the frame because it is very easy to use and I love the Avante HQ18. My sewing machines at home are made by Baby lock. When I found out that their Mid-arm was also made by Handi Quilter that sold me!!! I liked the fact that the machine was shipped directly from the manufacture to me and that the dealer (D’s Sewing Center & Quilt Shop, 4377 Venture Drive, Peru, IL 61354) Would come and set it up and give me my first lesson. I had an issue with tension and called Jill at D’s and was walked through the steps to correct this issue. I receive my machine in less than a week and it was set up five days later on June 3, 2011. Since them I have quilted 6 quilts. I have been an avid crafter for years. I knit, crochet, decorative artist, needlepoint, sewing and now quilting. I know that I have a lot to learn to master quilting and I think that my HQ18 Avante will help me make beautiful things.

I own the following HQ machine: HQ18 Avante