Janneke Van der Ree

Jasper(9) with his charity quilts

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I started quilting to get to know people when I moved to the States 16 years ago. I loved and still love it. All my first quilts were handquilted, there was no way I could fit all that fabric under my then sewing machine.My first machine was from England so I had to log a huge adaptor (to convert the 220 to 110 volt) with me whenever I went to classes.Then I bought a machine from a friend.This machine only sewed backwards after a while. Time to get serious.I bought my first machine with all the bells and whistles. My productivity increased, and since I made hundreds of baby/child size quilts for Quilts for Kids, I managed quilting on my machine. When I started making custom quilts and big school projects I needed something bigger.And I fell in love with the HQ Sweet Sixteen. Perfect fit,sit down sewing and affordable. My 10 year old started practicing on it and is ready to quilt his self pieced quilts.I had to laugh about the name; Sweet sixteen. My daughter (now 18) commented: why did you get a big sweet sixteen present, and I did not. My next adventure will be working with the HQ Sixteen quilting machine as an instructor. I can not wait.

I own the following HQ machine: HQ Sweet Sixteen