Talitha Hull

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I began quilting in the mid 1990's as a hobby.  Everything I did at that time was hand quilted.  As my love for quilting grew and I got the "quilting bug" and began to send quilts to others to be macine quilted.  Having a growing family and limited finances kept me from having my own machine, though I REALLY did want one.  After many years of paying others, the time was finally right to pursue purchasing a machine of my own.
Living in the remote Panhandle of Oklahoma, finding a local dealer/representative was an impossibilityl  The nearest local dealer for any quilting machine brand was at least a five hour drive from home.  I began to research brands, cost and qualities on the Internet.  It is difficult to determine specifics based on a picture and a sales pitch, but each new search brought me back to the Avante'.  I determined that this model would best meet my needs, skills, and other requirements.  The next battles was convincing my husband to make a major purchase, online, and sight unseen.  After much discussion, prayer, and nervous anticipation, the purchase was made.  Two weeks later I received the HQ18 Avante, the HQ Studio Frame, and some other promotional perks.  The setup and assembly was either quite simple or somewhat difficult, whether you ask me or my husband.

I viewed the accompanying DVD and a few days later began the machine quilting journey.  Being in a rural community creates its own set of challenges for opportunities to quilt for other people, but soon after getting started with the HQ18 Avante, the teacher of the Texhoma High School Home Economic class heard that I had the new machine and wanted to let the students see the machine as they had been working on quilts as a semester project. I was somewhat nervous but the quality and ease of the machine allowed the demonstration to go with ease and without problems.  For quite some time it had been required that the students send their quilts outside the community to be quilted, but this year I was able to quilt their 12 projects here in the community and as you can see from the enclosed pictures these students are artist and thheir creations works of art.
Thanks Handi Quilter, the HQ18 Avante was everything it was advertised to be and more!


I own the following HQ machine: HQ18 Avante