Linda Koontz

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Ok, here's my story.  My neighbor bought an HQ18 Avante.  I went over to see it and she said "I have some muslin on to play with, would you like to try?"  Of course I wanted to touch it and see how it moved.  BIG MISTAKE!  Once I saw how beautifully it moved and how easy it was to start and stop, I knew I had to figure out a way to afford to buy one; however, being so close to retiring and being a little nervous about not having a regular paycheck weekly, I wasn't sure if I should take the plunge.  So, I fretted around for a while trying to talk myself into putting it off. I have a very nice lady who quilts beautifully for me and I don't make that many quilts in a year I said to myself.  Yeah well, nothing took away the overriding feeling that I would be stepping through a door that would be fun and exciting if I purchased one.  Sleep was fretful every night thinking about that machine.  So, I thought, what would it hurt if I saw if I COULD get a home equity loan to pay for it--not that I was GOING to get it.  (Kind of like going to the pet store to LOOK at the puppies.)  So, I went in and found out that I could easily get a home equity loan.  I drove back home and thought "should I?"  After all, I'm single, soon to be retired and nervous about how finances will be in retirement.   So, I wandered over to my neighbor's again and told her the situation. I told her that maybe after I was retired a year or so and saw how my finances were working, I would get one then.  "What are you waiting for?" she asked.   "You can get the loan.  A year from now you will be an accomplished longarmer.  You are putting off having loads of fun for what?"  Evidently, that was all it took.  I bought the HQ18 Avante.  I have had NO buyer's remorse but I still always tell prospective buyers looking at the machine, "Don't touch it unless you plan on buying it."  Just a word to the wise.

I own the following HQ machine: HQ18 Avante