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Me and Yogi!

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I've been a sewer for over 40 years, but have only been quilting for the last 15.  Like all home quilters, I started off slowly by just stitching in the ditch.  Lots of practice and projects later, I figured out free-motion quilting.  While I enjoyed doing it, it was often a struggle fitting the bulk under the short arm on my sewing machine. I love moving the fabric myself to create the quilting design, so when considering a long arm machine, I was unhappy to have to learn how to quilt all over again, as your process would change to quilting in rows. So, when I learned that HandiQuilter made a sit down machine that would allow me to continue to quilt MY way, I was thrilled!! Christmas was coming up....so I started leaving my quilting magazines open to the HQ Sixteen Sit-Down ads all over the house... grinning evilly!!  :-)  And sure enough, Christmas morning after all the gifts were open and I was making breakfast, my two sons and hubby disappeared down into the basement (I thought to play a new video game) but much to my surprise, they caried up a new HQ Sixteen Sit-Down machine for me!!  The heck with breakfast, I thought- "Let's get this puppy goin'!!"  Woo hoo!!  I LOVE it!!  And if sometime down the road, I change my mind and want a real long arm type set-up, I can just buy the rails, table and handles and I'd have it!  Thank you, Handi Quilter, for thinking of me!!  Good job, YOU!!  :-)  

I own the following HQ machine: HQ Sixteen Sit-down