Carol Marshall

Carol, Pete and Idgie

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The road to quilting started for me in the autumn 2007 when I joined a group of ladies on a "Quilt for a day for Cancer". I immediately fell in love with the whole idea of quilting not realizing it was going to be our retirement hobby. In December 2007 Pete (my husband) and I took an introductory class to Quilting. March 2008 we signed up for a Beginners class at the local quilt shop. From that day forward we never looked back. More classes at the local quilt shop - log cabin, yellow brick road and turning twenty etc. Then as luck would have it the local quilt shop had a long arm to rent. I immediately signed up for a class. With loads of encouragement from Pete we were at the start of our journey to owning our own longarm.
Summer 2010 the looking began. We live in the small village of Manotick just south of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We checked out some longarm quilting machines locally, non HQ. The HQ website gave us an address for the closest dealer to us which was in Fonthill, Ontario. So we made the trip there, over 500kms away, for a morning demo on a HQ18 Avante. August 2010 saw us take the trip to Manchester, New Hampshire to visit the Quilt Show there. Our first day there we tried some of the longarm machines on display. The second day we kept returning to the HQ display. We felt the HQ was easy to operate, produced better stitching than the others and was appealing to the eye. To make a long story short we drove back home and ordered a HQ24 Fusion from Kelly at The Quilting Bee in Fonthill. It was delivered in the fall of 2010 and assembled by Pete. We find it awesome and have been enjoying it ever since.
In July this year we took another trip to Fonthill and picked up our Pro Stitcher. It was installed by Pete and we are currently in the midst of learning how the software works. We are looking forward to loads of fun piecing and quilting in the years to come on "Idgie".

I own the following HQ machines: HQ24 Fusion, HQ Pro-Stitcher