Nancy Bogard

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Hello I am Nancy Bogard from Murray, KY. I have always sewn but my quilting was limited to hand quilting because I traveled for work and had to keep my work portable.

I am a retired car buyer and for years I traveled at least 4 days a week to Chicago and Wisconsin. I would take some hand work with me but never even thought about quilting on the machine until I retired in 2009.  I tried quilting on a regular sewing machine but that just did not work for me. Too much material and too little space.

I was taking a class on piecing right after my retirement and a lady who was taking the class began telling me about her Handi Quilter. She has the Sweet 16 but she made it sound like so much fun and her quilts were beautiful and she was able to do the whole thing herself.

After the class was over I continued to think about that machine. One day my DH and I traveled the 100 or so miles to Jackson TN to see this machine in action. Their floor model was the HQ18 Avante. I talked to them about it and even gave it a test sew and then went home to dream. That was on a Friday, last March. On Monday Larry said why don't you just go back and get the machine it is definately what you want. His encouragement was all I needed. I made the 100 mile drive back by myself, bought the floor model, HQ Pro-Stitcher and all. They delivered it on Tuesday, the very next day.

It is hard for an adult to be that excited and still act like an adult. I put the kitchen table in the garage, next to the car and put the Avante in my kitchen. It was March afterall and I needed to be warm in order to practice.

I was quilting almost immediately. When asked how I learned so fast I have said I think it was because I had been doing it in my mind for so long all I needed was the machine. and I got the machine that could make it so easy for me to learn.

Now my quilting studio is almost finished. It is where the patio once was and I am almost ready to move in.

I have done meandering for several customers and they are thrilled so you see I have the answer to subsidizing my social security check. It is the best of both worlds. I can do my own quilts from start to finish. I can do customer work for money to buy more fabric and batting. All is good.

I love my Avante and I know I made the right decision. Thank you Handi Quilter and thank you for being so much help whenever I have called on you. This is a wonderful company to do business with and my background in the car business allows me to make comparison. This is a good company with good people.  OK...........back to quilting. DH is working on that new room. I think he wants to get that machine moved out there and get the diningroom table back before Thanksgiving. Ha ha............Happy Quilting everyone.   

I own the following HQ machines: HQ18 Avante, HQ Pro-Stitcher