Susan Cane

Me and "Missy HQ"! This is where we met and fell in love!

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I started making traditional quilts about 17 years ago.  I had a very talented friend who did all of my machine quilting for me. Then I discovered "art" quilts.  But with this discovery came the problem of; how am I going to quilt them.  So I bought books on how to machine quilt on a home sewing machine.  I did several this way and then I discovered the HQ Sixteen sit-down at a quilt show that I was attending.  It was LOVE at first sight!  My quilts are not overly large but I found it very difficult at times to quilt them on my home machine and the HQ Sixteen had so much space for my quilt. And most importantly it would fit in my tiny little studio.
I talked to the HQ representative at the show and, of course, discussed price... it was a little too much for my piggy bank at the time but I vowed that I would save and save until I had enough! The HQ Sixteen sit-down WOULD be mine!!! It took me a little over a year but I saved what I thought would be enough so I contacted Sandy at the Sew Inspired Quilt shop. We discussed the price, my piggy bank wasn't quite full enough, but to my surprise she told me she had a demo that they had only used half a dozen times at different shows and in their showroom and she would happily sell to me for what I did have in my piggy bank.  It was slightly used but to me, it has been a match made in heaven!  I have done a lot quilting using stencils and some free motion stippling but the photos that I've attached are from my very first all over,  free-motion quilted piece. There is no looking back now!!!

I own the following HQ machine: HQ Sixteen Sit-down