Beryl Anderson

Ted and me in our garden

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Little did I know when I casually mentioned to my husband, Ted, “Honey, I
think I would like to get a small quilting machine so I can machine quilt
my own tops”, that I would one day have a thriving quilting business.

I bought my HQ16 about five years ago with no place to put it. We did
have an extra guest room and a huge living room that we never used. But,
we might need those some day. Ted said, “what about your garden shed?”
My part of the garden shed was 12 by 8 feet. My HQ would fit but I
wouldn’t be able to use it. The other part of the garden shed housed the
lawn mower and tractor, various tools, and even had been home to two
litters of puppies. When Ted came home the next day and said he would be
willing to knock down the wall between the two sections and that I could
have the whole shed – 12 by 20 feet. I knew my HQ had a home.

We remodeled, painted, carpeted, installed surround sound, and finally set
up my machine. I ordered thread, batting, and a few pantographs.
Thinking I would quilt for a few customers just until I paid for my
machine, I held an open house and advertised the first 30 customers would
receive 30% off. Within a month, I had my first 30 orders and I haven’t
looked back or stopped since. I really didn’t know what I was doing back
then, but it didn’t matter because the HQ was so easy to use, everything
looked better when quilted.

My business is called Garden Shed Quilting, for obvious reasons. I love
to make garden-themed and landscape quilts, but rarely have time to quilt
for myself. I typically have 20 to 30 customer quilts in line to do at
any given time.

Last year I decided to start looking for a bigger machine. I had narrowed
my search down to two, one of which was an HQ18 Avante. The Avante won the
toss. As I was discussing the purchase with the salesman, I just thought
I would ask how much more room I would need for a HQ24 Fusion. I went out to
the Garden Shed, measured and discovered if I moved a few things around I
would have just enough room.

It was a surprising spur of the moment decision to order theHQ24 Fusion
instead of the HQ18 Avante because I had always thought a 24” machine was too
big for my short arms. I’ve had my new HQ24 Fusion for a month now, and I’m
thrilled. I have a faster turn-around time, and the quality of the
stitching is remarkable. And, I have no trouble with the extra reach.

I own the following HQ machine: HQ24 Fusion