Audrey Crandall

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In March of 2005 we were saying our goodbyes to our grandson, Jeremy, who had been diagnosed with Leukemia.  He was leaving for Seattle, Washington, to have a bone marrow transplant as soon as they could get him there.  A car was a problem, as the old van they had would not make the trip.  We had a decent SUV and a bed and many other things that would be needed for the long stay there, including my grandson’s favorite, handmade, levi quilt that I had made and tied years ago when he was a little boy, were loaded into the Jimmy.  He was in Seattle for six months of intensive cancer treatment.
My name is Audrey and I am the grandmother of Jeremy and at that point of my life, I was making lots of quilts for family and friends and having them quilted by someone else, or I would tie them myself.  One day my husband and I were at a quilt store in Mesa, Arizona, looking at the long arm quilters for sale, and of course, I was always wishing I could learn to quilt on one.  One of the salespeople told me he had an HQ Sixteen with stitch-regulator coming in soon and asked me if I would be interested in it.  You know by now that I was very interested in one, so I left my name and phone number with him so he could call me when it came in.
Day after day, I waited for the call to tell me the machine was in.  The call never came.  So one day my husband and I hopped in the old van with no air conditioning, rolled down the windows and off to Mesa to the quilt store we went.  EUREKA!!!  The machine was there.  Why had they not called me?  Well, they had lost my name and phone number and were delighted to see me.  They gave me one lesson on the machine, we loaded it in the old van and took it home.  My husband and I set the machine up all by ourselves by using the manual that came with the machine.  I threaded the machine, etc., and started practicing.  Hey, I thought,  I was doing pretty good!!!
Then one day my first job came in.  A friend of mine had brought me three old, vintage quilt tops that had been laying around for years, ready to be quilted.   I carefully quilted each of them on my new machine and my customer was delighted with them!  They turned out really cute!
I now make as many quilts as I want because I know I will do the quilting.   If I need one fast, I can finish it in a day.  If I want to spend more time on one, I can do that too.  I love the stitch regulator for the even stitching…it makes my quilting so professional looking.  The machine is so easy to use, it just glides along wherever you want it to do.  One thing I really love about it is the maintenance.  Just give it the oil it needs and it’s always ready to go. 
I must tell you that I am an older lady that loves to quilt and will soon have my 78th birthday!  I’m still going strong and quilting keeps me active and moving. How many quilts have I made since I bought my machine?  I've lost count, but a bunch.  I do charity quilts, and quilts for friends and family. I am now taking some HQ longarm quilting lessons at a local quilt shop in Scottsdale.  Boy, am I learning how to use that machine!  I love everything about my HQ Sixteen and love the look it gives to my quilts.   
Oh, by the way, Jeremy has been cancer free for six years and has since, married and now has a darling little baby boy.  I was able to make a beautiful, stained glass quilt for his wedding and a couple of darling baby quilts for our great grandbaby Andrew using my HQ Sixteen.  We have been so blessed in so many ways!

I own the following HQ machine: HQ Sixteen