Flo Verge

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What a life, Just when you think you are  about ready to retire along comes quilting.  After raising a family and selling  a restaurant business I started thinking about learning how to quilt.
There was a local quilt shop about half a mile from home so I decided to take a lesson.  That was it, the rest is history.  Of course you can't just keep making quilts, they then have to be quilted.  After taking a few of them to a local quilter I decided that I would love to try my hand at longarm quilting. (End of retirement) I purchased my first HQ Sixteen in 2007 and started my quilting business. Then in 2009 I purchased a HQ24 Fusion. It is so rewarding to quilt for people and hear there comments when they pick up there quilts.
All I can say is, What a way to retire. Now my husband and I both enjoy the quilting process and I think there will have to be another Fusion in our future.

I own the following HQ machines: HQ24 Fusion, HQ Sixteen