Sandy Stein, Stephanie Prentiss and Patty Gertz

Three sisters finally all agree on something!

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When it came to men, fashion or just taste, we three sisters could never agree on anything, but when we were looking for a way to finish our piles of quilt tops, all three of us knew we wanted a Handi Quilter machine. In the end we each bought a different one; Patty had the room and budget for the HQ24 Fusion, Sandy got the HQ18 Avante and Stephanie got the HQ Sixteen Sit-down since she wants to feel the fabric when she quilts. Even though we all have different machines, we share the same experience in Handi Quilter’s great training and support (thanks Debby!) We’re finally making progress on those piles and we know for sure that Handi Quilter has a model that meets everyone’s needs. We even found something else we agree on – that it would be great to get the Pro-Stitcher next!

I own the following HQ machines: HQ24 Fusion, HQ18 Avante, HQ Sixteen Sit-down