Amy Ray

Some of the first quilts I completed with my HQ machine

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My quilting story began a few months after I had my first baby six years ago. I had sewn since I was a young child but worked mostly on simple garments. I took every sewing class available at my high school including an independent study course. I no longer owned a sewing machine but I managed to talk my husband into buying my first Bernina. It feels like we have had many discussions about sewing machine purchases over the last six years and the biggest was of course my HQ 18 Avante with Prostitcher.
With a new baby at home, sleep was not something I was getting a ton of. I decided to try quilting for the first time because I thought it might be fun and more forgiving if my project did not turn out perfectly. I made my first quilt for my sister. I found Amy Butler fabrics and made her a small throw quilt. The quilt had tons of mistakes but the overall result was very pretty and still sits on her bed today. I fell in love with quilting and have not looked back.
After several years of quilting, I had given away tons of quilts. It is so much fun to find fabric and a quilt pattern perfect for a special person in my life. One thing I love about being a quilter is that even people who have never sewn a thing, they all appreciate the time and love put into the gift of a quilt. I had many different people telling, "you should sell your quilts". I opened my quilt shop on Etsy in Oct of 2009, my shop August Quilting is named for my two kids and myself all with August birthdays.
A fellow quilter and friend had finished several quilts for me with her HQ Sixteen with Prostitcher. She invited me to see how it works and I was hooked immediately. I really liked the idea of being able to complete my quilts from start to finish all on my own. I also fell in love with the perfect stitches and overall finish the Prostitcher achieves. After much discussion, my husband and I decided I would get my my own Avante with Prostitcher, I ordered the machine and it was installed in May of 2011. I absolutely love my machine. It is so simple to use and I have had zero problems learning the set up, machine or Prostitcher. Just like my first machine, I get giddy as it hums and stitches away on my quilts.
My business on Etsy is growing and my HQ 18 with Prostitcher has allowed me to turn a hobby I love into a business I love. I have joined a few quilting groups as well. I quilt with people my own age and some ladies that have quilted much longer then me. I am always amazed at how much fun it is to share quilting knowledge. Every quilter has a different style, expertise and story to share. No matter the project, we always appreciate the time and effort fellow quilters have invested in each quilt. It has also been fun to show people my HQ machine and teach them how easy it is to use.
I drive around with a personalized license plate that says "QWLTDVA".....I think that says it all.

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