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I grew up with a mother who quilted by hand, and I always thought Oh! that's not for me, that looks like to much work for me.A few years later she passed away, and I inherited all her unfinished quilts, fabrics, sewing machines and everything else that goes along with quilting. Whats a girl to do? So I started looking into this world of quilting. I meet a friend and she got to talking about longarm quilting And this is after she show me what to do with Fat Quarter, and how to build a stash, oh no girl gone wild. So what do you think happened when we got to looking at longarms? We took a class with Linda Taylor and I fell in love with this world of longarm quilting. But I needed a machine that I could afford, and small enough where I wouldn't need to build a house to be able to use it. Sure enough we found a HQ Sixteen dealer. And it was her lucky day my friend and I both bought one that day. And sense then I have upgraded and bought rules and now I'm on to the HQ Pro-Stitcher. And running a business, with lots of clients, and quilts of my own. Oh! by the way I did finish my moms quilts but not by hand, are you crazy, but by my HQ Sixteen What a wonderful world I step into.

I own the following HQ machines:

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