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My grandaughter Layla and me

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My quilting story began when my children entered high school and started a more independent phase of their lives. Up until then, like many Moms, my whole world revolved around my family and their needs and interests. It seemed to happen overnight and I when it did I was lost.
One day I was watching HGTV and discovered Alex Anderson. I was fascinated with the quilting on the quilts she highlighted. I had never seen such artful designs; they really made the quilts come alive. I immediately wanted to learn more. I began taking quilting classes at local quilt shops and very quickly wanted to complete the projects myself. I knew this would be a life long passion.
With my husband's blessing, I began to research my options. I gathered information, asked for feedback from quilting chat groups and arranged to have some hands-on time on a couple of machines I was interested in. The feedback I received on the HQ Sixteen was all positive and I loved how the machine handled and the quality of the stitches. I knew I was interested in art quilting so the fact that I could run any thread I choose from 40lb cotton to metallics was important to me.
We purchased the machine in November of 2007 and I LOVE it. I am very passionate about my quilting and have grown personally through the wonderful women I have met in the quilting circles I am involved with and my skills and confidence have grown as well. I entered into the world of competition quilting in 2009 and have since won 2 national awards.
Purchasing my HQ Sixteen has truly changed my life and I couldn't be happier with my machine and the people I have dealt with at HQ Sixteen. They are very responsive and informative and the local dealer that we purchased from has been amazing. I love my machine!!

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