Yvonne Hamilton

With granddaughter, Aurora

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My husband is an avid Craig's List browser. He's found lots of treasures, usually of the computer-kind, for himself thru Craig's List. One day, though, he found something for ME! An HQ Sixteen! For several years, I'd been quilting with a Juki on a Grace Frame. It was okay, but I'd been wishing for something with more quilting area. Did I ever get lucky! We drove a couple hours, money in hand, to pick up my new toy. The woman selling it had barely used it, due to health reasons. After we'd spoken on the phone and she agreed to sell it to me, she'd gotten several other calls from people offering her more than her asking price! I felt very fortunate that she had the integrity to keep to her word, although she was pretty cranky about it. We scurried off with all the HQ pieces and parts before she changed her mind! I love my HQ Sixteen. It is the best toy ever! I am totally impressed with it's operator-friendly use, the stitch regulator, and the quality of quilting it does. Thanks to Craig's List and a generous husband, I'm an HQ fan for life!

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