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This is my HQ story. I have been quilting for 16 years. I have produced so many quilts over the years...too many to count. I used to be able to complete each quilt but as time went by I wasn't able to. Needless to say, I have a vast collection of quilt tops needing my attention. I realized then I needed a long arm quilting machine to aid me in my task. The quest for a quilting machine began. I attended quilt shows, researched on-line, and decided that the HQ Sixteen would suit my needs. My husband Joe and I own a home based Woodworking business and since I didn't want to use our only income to fund the machine, I started a second job. I stashed my part time pay-cheques into a special account. As I approached my financial goal, a situation arose (as they often do at times like these). My daughter was in need of transportation for University and because I love her dearly, I didn't hesitate to offer up my savings so she could purchase a car. I thought,"I can wait." I really didn't know when I'd own a quilting machine. I quit my weekend job because it interfered with my lifestyle and it cut into my quilting time. Owning a quilt machine seemed so far out of reach. This year for my birthday, my husband said he was prepared to buy me a long arm machine and that I just had to tell him which one. I could not bring myself to say yes. I could not see us spending this kind of money on one item just for me. I told him, "no, but thanks anyway." On the Friday before my birthday, he asked me if I would help him bring in the groceries he had purchased. This was not unusual because he often shops Fridays after he finishes delivering our work. Naturally, I went to help. It took me a couple of seconds to figure out what was going on. There were no open boxes in the truck, just closed ones. I asked where the groceries were and he said the were in the boxes. A few more seconds passed. It was then I read the side of one box: HQ18 Avante! Wow! I was elated. I wept from disbelief and laughed with excitement! How very fortunate I am to have a husband that makes my dreams come true. I was sure that after I told him not to buy it, he wouldn't. Some things don't change; he still doesn't listen to me! The work began: a weekend of rearranging the basement, installing more lighting and setting up the HQ18 Avante (and HQ Studio Frame) ensued. I was finally able to take my HQ on its maiden voyage. It has only been a week, and though I'm not very steady on the controls, I'm sure my techniques will perfect in time. I look forward to completing all my unfinished projects and my bet quilting friend's projects too. Sincerely, Kim Gosselin of Morinville, Alberta, Canada Ps. My husband says that he has now lost a wife, but gained the TV room. Fair trade? You tell me.

I own the following HQ machine: HQ Sixteen

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