Linda Dalton

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I started quilting about 25 years ago while stationed in Germany for the Air Force. The on-base recreation center was offering a class and I decided it sounded interesting. This was during the time when tearing your fabric had just become popular and that was the method that I was instructed on...there were no rotary cutters yet! I made my first log cabin quilt for my first child and was hooked on quilting from there forward.

For years I hand quilted all of my quilts in a large hoop until I one day got a friend that was good at wood working to make me a home made frame that I instructed him on how to make. It was basically two wooden dowels that fit into two end pieces that were somewhat similar to saw horses. I would use tacks to tack the end of my quilts to the rods and roll them up and quilt away. As machine quilting began to become more popular, I tried it on my regular machine but became very frustrated because the bulk of the quilt when rolled was just too much to deal with and so I reverted back to hand quilting in order to retain my sanity.

About 5 or 6 yrs ago while attending my first International Quilt Festival in Houston I saw the Handi Quilter demo and talked to one of the gals that were representing the company. (Laurel) She was so incredibly nice and informative and we hit it off right away. Once I took one of these machines for a test drive, I just knew that I had to have one! While walking around the remainder of the festival I was doing the math in my head for the cost of the system and justifying all of the reasons of why I just had to have it. I made a phone call to my husband to announce that I wanted to make this major purchase and before the day was out I was a proud owner of an HQ Sixteen! I have never looked back since that day and I couldn't speak well enough about the service and support that I have received from HQ. There are still upgrades that I want to make but since I am now a single mom I have to make those purchases on a more infrequent basis, I guess you could say the HQ is my husband replacement, but it has never berated me for buying too much fabric or spending to much time at my machine. We are a match made in heaven! I would love to spend time learning more about techniques as well as meet others that have the passion that I do for quilting.

I own the following HQ machines:

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