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Me and my Christmas Quilt Pattern

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I just knew I could do it! So many quiling friends had long arm machines and were creating such beautiful quilts. I knew I could do it too, if only I could find the right machine. But my son's college came first, so I haunted all the quilt shows and machine quilting expos looking at machines, drooling over machines, trying out every machine on the floor, talking to reps, gathering brochures. It was a confusing blur of features, frames, and feathers! I just didn't know where to start. At a quilt show in Oklahoma city (the year before my son entered college) I tried out an HQ Sixteen and fell in love. "That's the machine I want," I told a friend. "It's perfect!" She urged me to try out the competition, and I did, but they all felt like hauling elephants around by the tail compared to the light, responsive easy of moving the HQ Sixteen. I knew at that moment, I would buy an HQ Sixteen, but would have to wait until my son graduated from college.
I came home from that show and warned my son that he only had four years to complete his degree because I just wasn't sure I could wait longer than that to get my machine! So off to college he went, and each time he phoned home to tell me he dropped college algebra -- again!!!-- I sighed plaintively, knowing that he was extending his college stay with each dropped class. When he informed me during his Senior year that he would need another semester to graduate I ground my teeth silently, knowing my wait might never end at this rate!
Since we were supporting our son financially through this extra semester, I grudgingly gave him the money I had been saving up for my HQ. When he FINALLY graduated that December I gave him a huge hug & kiss, a bouquet of roses, and the last of my "Machine Money" to get him launched in his new job. Finally he was out of college and I could start again saving up for my HQ.
I contacted my dealer and told him I was ready to get my machine. He was able to get a great price for me by purchasing one of the demo machines used at the Machine Quilter's Showcase in Kansas City. I got the HQ Sixteen with the Studio Frame. At last, my two biggest goals had been accomplished! My son was out of college and launched on his career, and I finally got my HQ Sixteen!
I thought it was only fitting that now that he was moved out and on his own, that his room would become my new sewing studio and the location of new HQ Sixteen and HQ Studio Frame. I love it! It is everything I thought it would be and more.

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