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Please contact Brenda Groelz, Director of Marketing/Education for information about Handi Quilter, Handi Quilter brands and products, or to request an interview. Brenda can be contacted at brenda@handiquilter.com

May 1, 2012 - Handi Quilter Announces Launch of TruStitch Stitch Regulation

Handi Quilter, Inc., the top-selling manufacturer of longarm quilting machines, frames and accessories, announced the debut of their new stitch regulator for the HQ Sweet Sixteen® sit-down longarm machine, TruStitch™. The easy-to-use stitch regulator can be added to any HQ Sweet Sixteen (some older versions may require a software update). Its innovative design, which provides programmable, equal-length stitches to enhance the free-motion quilting experience, is patent-pending. "TruStitch raises the bar for a quilter's enjoyment and her goal of achieving perfect quilting stitches on the HQ Sweet Sixteen machine," said Mark Hyland, Handi Quilter CEO. "The sit-down quilter can now achieve the same perfect even-length stitches that have been offered on all of our stand-up machines. With help from the quilter, our engineers have designed a system that allows the user to have full visibility of her quilting at all times." TruStitch features four basic components: the controller, which is held under the quilt, reading the movement of the quilt across the table; the receiver, which translates the motion into even stitches; the magnet, which allows a quilter to operate the system "hands-free" and the coaster, which makes quilting borders easy. "Quilters are going to love the flexibility and precision that the TruStitch stitch-regulation system offers them," said Handi Quilter's Director of Marketing, Brenda Groelz. "Whether an absolute beginner, or an advanced quilter who doesn't want to have to worry about her stitch length, this system takes free-motion quilting on the HQ Sweet Sixteen to a new level." For more information, contact Brenda Groelz, Director of Marketing/Education at brenda@handiquilter.com.

October 4, 2010 - Golden Threads Joins the Handi Quilter Family

“Handi Quilter is excited to announce today, Cheryl Barnes and Golden Threads became part of the Handi Quilter Family.” Mark Hyland, President and CEO of Handi Quilter said, during an all employee meeting held in the Handi Quilter corporate offices in North Salt Lake, UT. “We are very fortunate to add Cheryl, her talent, team and the Golden Threads brand to the Handi Quilter family.” Golden Threads provides quilters with notions, patterns, pantographs, educational material and digital designs. Golden Thread has been serving quilters for more than 15 years and is located West Chicago, Illinois. For more information, contact Brenda Groelz, Director of Marketing/Education at brenda@handiquilter.com.