For HQ Pro-Stitcher owners with the Acer W500 series tablets:

ACER Iconia W500

Some versions of the Acer W500 series tablet computers require a driver update in order to display the key for using encrypted digital designs. If you see the word Error instead of a key, refer to the following instructions to download and install the key. 


Summary: The driver required for your specific tablet could be any one of the following.


Download and install the first driver, reboot the tablet computer, and then check whether an encryption key displays when you select Settings, Advanced, About. If that driver doesn’t work, download and install the next driver. Continue until the word Error is replaced by a 10-digit to 14-digit encryption key.

To install a network driver on Acer W500 Tablets

  1. Click a driver link above to download the driver folder. Begin with the first driver in the list, WLAN_Atheros_9.2.0.469_W7x86.
  2. Save the file to your computer, such as the Windows Desktop or the Downloads folder, so you can easily find it later.
  3. Copy the driver folder to a USB drive.
  4. Insert the USB drive into the Acer W500 tablet USB port.
  5. If HQ Pro-Stitcher is running, close it down by selecting Shut Down, Exit to Windows. This exits HQ Pro-Stitcher and you’ll see the Windows Desktop.
  6. Open the onscreen Keyboard by pressing the gray bar in the top-left corner of the screen.
  7. Press the Windows key (bottom-left section of the keyboard), then press the letter E to open Windows Explorer.
  8. Navigate to the folder on the USB drive that was inserted into the tablet.
  9. Run Setup.exe by touching it and pressing Enter on the onscreen keyboard. IMPORTANT: The Setup.exe file for the first driver to use, WLAN_Atheros_9.2.0.469_W7x86, is found in the folder on the USB drive named \WLAN_Atheros_9.2.0.469_W7x86\32-bit\Install. Setup.exe is located under the main folder for the other three drivers.
  10. Follow the instructions that display onscreen.
  11. Restart the tablet computer and start HQ Pro-Stitcher. Verify that an encryption key displays in the About box (select Settings, Advanced, About).