HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update

February 2016 Release

This Pro-Stitcher software  update is specific to the Pro-Stitcher tablet you use. Be sure to select the correct version based upon your tablet.

Your Tablet

Acer W500
HP Omni
Please see the installation instructions to find out which tablet you have.

Acer W700
Acer Aspire Switch 11
Please see the installation instructions to find out which tablet you have.

Software Version

Version 16.01.0092

Version 16.01.0091

Release Date

Released: February 12, 2016

Released: February 12, 2016

Download version 16.01.0092

Download version 16.01.0091

Please make sure and read the instruction on installing these versions!
Installation Instructions - PDF

Release notes for Versions 16.01.0091 and 16.01.0092:

  • Includes all previous enhancements.
  • Resolves unresponsive touchscreen issues.
  • Reduces the potential for Buffer Underflow issues.
  • Resolves the potential for the HQ Infinity console display software (version 47) to crash.

Thank you for updating to the most advanced computerized quilting software available for the home quilter. We are excited to bring to you this great tool. We are confident that this new software will help you to take your quilting to new heights.

From time to time, we will be uploading new versions of this software, as we add new features or fix issues that are brought to our attention by users. Keep track of the version you have, and check back occasionally, so you know if a new version is available. **WARNING** If you have an older IEI, Lilliput or Innovatek monitor, please do not attempt to install this update. If you would like more information on the hardware upgrade necessary for your system please click here.

Having trouble installing the new HQ Pro-Stitcher? Our technical solutions team is available to help. Call: (877) MY-QUILT (697-8458) or (801) 292-7988.

Is your quilting machine compatible with the new EZ Record capabilities?


Previous Software Downloads:

HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update 15.10.0079
Version: 15.10.0079
Download Update 15.10.0079
Release notes for Version 15.10.0079:

- Skew 2: skew motifs to concave areas
- Simulation function to practice HQ Pro-Stitcher away from the machine on a desktop or laptop computer, or the Pro-Stitcher tablet itself
- 500 new quilting motifs (bringing the total to more than 1000), including a designer showcase of motifs from your favorite designers
- Ability to swap the stitching start and end points in a design
- A new vector file format (.hqv)
- More efficient side menu
- Updated pop-up keyboard
- Increased Motor Torque Limit with default value of 100
- Updated Help files
- Fixed miscellaneous bugs

HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update 14.04.0051

Version: 14.04.0051
Released: 5.2.14
Download Update 14.04.0051
Release Notes

HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update 14.01.0043
Version: 14.01.0043
Download Update 14.01.0043
Release Notes

HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update 13.08.0033
Version: 13.08.0033
Download Update 13.08.0033
Release Notes

HQ Pro-Stitcher Software Update 12.10.0020
Version: 12.10.0020
If your current software version is older than v.16, please install this update BEFORE installing any newer releases.
Released: 10.2012
Download Update 12.10.0020
Release Notes