HQ Pro-Stitcher New Features

The HQ Pro-Stitcher is revolutionizing the way people finish quilts!



  • Quickly open recently used designs
  • Work with multiple designs at once
    • Opening a new design doesn’t close the previous one
    • Create (and name) a group comprising multiple designs
    • All operations (rotate, align, skew, etc.) apply to the selected design group
    • Easily select or unselect designs in a group
    • Change stitching order of designs in a group
    • Save design as a Project for future use
  • Duplicate selected design
  • Create multi-point areas with three or more points (example: create a six-point hexagon area)
    • Onscreen counter tracks number of points in the area
    • Skew designs to fit convex areas with three or more points
  • New Repeat options
    • Offset rows and columns of repeated designs, or offset the entire design window
    • Quickly offset by half the design width or height or specify a precise offset interval
    • Manually drag designs to offset
    • Specify how to treat loose ends: tie off (Open) or stitch along border to next end point (Closed)
  • New Resize options
    • After rotating designs, resize along original width (X axis) and height (Y axis)
  • Isolate (and crop) part of a design for quilting and save as a new design
  • Improved Area, Drag, Grid, Reset, Trace Area, and Reposition options
  • Clear history of recently used HQ Pro-Stitcher